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Malta Archaeological Review
the Journal of The Archaeological Society Malta

Issue 3, 1996
Issue 1, 1996

From the President - Antony de Bono
Excavations in Gozo 1987-1994 - Caroline Malone & Simon Stoddart
The Study of Archaeology in Malta - Anthony Bonanno
Society Report for 1994
Seminar on the Brochtorff Circle
Overseas Site Visit to Aeolian Islands
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Issue 2, 1997
Issue 2, 1997

From the President - Antony de Bono
Society Report
The Mdina Catillus - Antony de Bono
Excavations at Tas-Silġ 1996 - Anthony J. Frendo and Anthony Bonanno
Can we go to Ta' Kaċċatura - Reuben Grima
The Archaeology of Collectivity - Anthony Pace
Research Essays by Students of Archaeology - Anthony Bonanno
Musuem News - Nathaniel Cutajar
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Issue 3, 1999
Issue 3, 1999

From the President - Antony de Bono
Waking up the Sleeping Lady - Reuben Grima
Of Greeks and Arabs and Feudal Knights - Alessandra Molinari and Nathaniel Cutajar
Acceni su Malta fenicia - Tancred Gouder
Le isole maltesi e il Mediterraneo fenicio - Antonia Ciasca
Malta in Phoenician and Punic Times - Paolo Vidal Gonzalez
A Century Ago - Guido Lanfranco
Some problems in Maltese archaeology - David Trump
Xarolla - Patricia Camilleri and Nathaniel Cutajar
Art and Archaeology - Theresa M. Vella
Museum News - C. Michelle Buhagiar
Society Report
Issue 4, 2000
Issue 4, 2000

From the President - Antony de Bono
Albert Mayr(1868-1924) - Hanna Stoger
Għajn Klieb - Nicholas C. Vella et al.
Castellu di la Chitati - Stephen C. Spiteri
Pasti Rituali nella Malta Punica - Alessandro Quercia
Carapecchia's intervention at the Inquisitor's Palace 1733 - 34 - Kenneth Gambin
A Historical Complex at St. Agatha - Rabat - Fr. Victor J. Camilleri MSSP
National Museum of Archaeology News - C. Michelle Buhagiar
Scavi e Ricerche della Missione Archeologica Italiana a Malta - Antonia Ciasca and Maria Pia Rossignani

Issue 5, 2001
Issue 5, 2001

From the President - Antony de Bono
Society Report
Erich Becker and Malta Sotterranea - Katrin Fenech
Report on the Excavation of a Punic Tomb - Nicholas C. Vella et al.
Avian Representations from Prehistoric and Medieval Sites on the Maltese Islands - George Zammit Maempel
Petrographical and Chemical Research on the Stone of the Megalithic Temples - JoAnn Cassar and Sergio Vannucci
Object, Space and the Museum: a semiotic approach - Patricia Camilleri
List of Contributors

Issue 6 2002-2003
Issue 6

Maritime Archaeology in the Mediterranean - A.J. Parker
The Harbours of Ancient Gozo - Timothy Gambin
A 16th century Iron Breech-Loading Swivel-Gun - Michael Stroud
Traditional Boats of Malta - Joseph Muscat
New light on Fr Magri's exploration of the Hypogeum: notes from correspondence with the British Museum - Josef Mario Briffa s.j.
The Lyre Player in Roman Malta - Anna Borg Cardona
Quintus Lutatius Longinus and his wife Iunia in a funerary inscription from Gozo - George Azzopardi
Review of publication by Brunella Bruno - Anthony Bonanno

Issue 7 2004-2005
Issue 7

From the President - Patricia Camilleri
Society Report
Comino: historical and archaeological observations - Keith Buhagiar
Tobacco pipes from an underwater excavation at the quarantine harbour, Malta - John Wood
A fresh look at Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra temples - Katya Stroud
A possibly Christian burial of the late Roman period discovered in a quarry at Ta' Sannat, Gozo - George Azzopardi
Le modèle architectural du Tarxien reconstitué par Ugolini: la solution? - Roger Le Chevretel
Archaeological discoveries at Marsa over the centuries - Timothy Gambin
Ognina: A puzzling prehistoric site in Sicily - David Trump
A view from the countryside: pollen from a field at Mistra Valley, Malta - Chris Hunt & Nicholas C. Vella
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Authors' Guidelines

Issue 8 2006-2007
Issue 8

Cremation burials in early Bronze Age Malta: evidence from Tarxien and Ġgantija - George Azzopardi
Roman architectural practice and the funding of public buildings - Lino Bianco
Il fregio egittizzante del santuario di Tas-Silġ - Francesca Bonzano
Għar Dalam: a shelter for WWII refugees and military fuel supplies - John J. Borg
The origin of Maltese cart-ruts: cut by wheels or tools? - Derek Mottershead
The conservation project and archaeological excavation of the old Parish Church at Siġġiewi - an intermediate report - Paul C. Saliba
A newly discovered late Punic-Roman rock-cut tomb at Limestone Heritage, Siġġiewi (Malta) - Mevrick Spiteri and Nicholas C. Vella
Xewkija and elsewhere: new thoughts on old sites - David Trump
A remarkable feature at Mnajdra - Heiko Wagner

Issue 9 2008-2009
Issue 9

From the President - Anthony Bonanno
Society activities
'Prehistoric painted pottery in Malta': a century later - Davide Tanasi
Observations on the linguistic epigraphic choice in late antique inscriptions from Malta - Maria Domenica Lo Faro
Ancient anchors from Malta and Gozo - Elaine Azzopardi, Timmy Gambin and Renata Zerafa
Revisiting the Roman domus in Rabat, Malta, through a consideration of its mosaic flooring - Antonio Caselli
The known unknown: identification, provenancing, and relocation of pieces of decorative architecture from Roman public buildings and other private structures in Malta - David Cardona
Wind funnelling underneath the Ħaġar Qim protective shelter - Simon Farrugia and John A. Schembri
Experimental Archaeology - Christopher Busuttil

The original discovery of the Roman shipwreck at Xlendi, Gozo - John Wood
Mapping ancient water management systems - Timmy Gambin

Ta' Ħaġrat and Skorba: Ancient Monuments in a Modern World, edited by Maria Elena Zammit and Joanne Mallia. Reviewed by Caroline Malone
Site, Artefacts and Landscape. Prehistoric Borġ in-Nadur, Malta, edited by Davide Tanasi and Nicholas C. Vella. Reviewed by Anthony Bonanno
An Archaeology of the Senses: Prehistoric Malta, by Robin Skeates. Reviewed by Reuben Grima
Ceramics of the Phoenician-Punic World: Collected Essays, edited by Claudia Sagona. Reviewed by Maxine Anastasi
The Ġgantija Temples. A History of its Visitors and Views, by Godwin Vella, Nicoline Sagona and John Cremona. Reviewed by Anton Bugeja
download abstracts (PDF, ~40Kb)

Issue 10 2010-2011
Issue 10

Society activities

Professor John Davies Evans, 1925-2011 - David H. Trump
Professor Maria Pia Rossignani, 1940-2013 - Grazia Semeraro

Biomolecular and isotopic characterisation of lipid residues absorbed in Impressed Wares from the Early Neolithic village of Skorba, Malta - Cynthianne Debono Spiteri and Oliver Craig
Archaeometric identification of Maltese imports in prehistoric Sicily: Żebbug phase pottery from Licata-Caduta (Agrigento) - Germana Barone, Domenica Gulli, Paolo Mazzoleni, Simona Raneri and Davide Tanasi
Ġgantija and the surrounding lands: insights through a late eighteenth-century contract - Anton Bugeja
Xrobb l-Għaġin revisited: recovery and discovery - Ruben P. Borg and Reuben Grima
A missing work of art: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Asklepios, Serapis, or Herakles? - Anthony Bonanno
The underwater aviation heritage of the Second Siege of Malta - Anthony Burgess and Timmy Gambin
O. F. Gollcher and underwater archaeology - George E. Camilleri

A Phoenician shipwreck off Gozo, Malta - Timmy Gambin

Ix-Xlendi and its Ancient Shipwrecks, by John Woods. Reviewed by Elaine Azzopardi
Archaeology and the Sea in the Maltese Islands, by Elaine Azzopardi and Timmy Gambin. Reviewed by Stephanie Said
De Soldanis: An eighteenth century intellectual, edited by Godwin Vella and Olvin Vella. Reviewed by Anton Bugeja
The Observing Eye: The French Artist Jean Hoüel in Malta, by Thomas Freller. Reviewed by Anton Bugeja
Richard Ellis: The Photography Collection, Malta & Gozo (Vol. IV), edited by Ian Ellis. Reviewed by Anton Bugeja
Zammit of Malta: His Times, Life and Achievements (2 vols), by Roger Ellul-Micallef. Reviewed by Anthony Bonanno
download abstracts (PDF, ~40Kb)

Issue 11 2011-2013
Issue 11 2011-2013
Issue 11

Society activities

Dr Andrew Peter John Townsend, 1961-2015 - Nicholas C. Vella
Dr David Hilary Trump, 1931-2016 - Nicholas C. Vella

Tradition, time and narrative: rethinking the Late Neolithic of the Maltese Islands - Isabelle Vella Gregory
A farewell to Neo-Punic: Taċ-Ċagħqi revisited - Abigail Zammit and Robert M. Kerr
Religious identity and perceptions of afterlife gleaned from a funerary monument to a young girl from (late) Roman Melite - George Azzopardi
A functional analysis of glass from an officers' mess, Malta - Russell Palmer
Archaeology and archaeological discourse in pre-Independence Malta - Anna Maria Rossi
Deciding what to exhibit in museums: does it really matter? - Veronica Barbara
A stratigraphic study of the giren at Ix-Xagħra il-Ħamra, limits of Mellieha, Malta - Ernest Vella

Documenting the last surviving traditional boats on the Maltese Islands: a case study on the firilla - Stephanie Said

The Phoenician "permanent" display at the National Museum of Archaeology, Malta - Sharon Sultana

The Bronze Age of the Maltese Islands - Isabelle Vella Gregory
Tas-Silġ, Marsaxlokk (Malta) I and II: Archaeological Excavations conducted by the University of Malta, 1996-2005, edited by Anthony Bonanno and Nicholas C. Vella. Reviewed by Abigail Zammit
Essays on the Archaeology and Ancient History of the Maltese Islands: Bronze Age to Byzantine, by Mario Buhagiar. Reviewed by Anthony Bonanno
The Mediterranean Artistic Context of Late Medieval Malta, 1091-1530, by Charlene Vella. Reviewed by Marina Falla Castelfranchi
download abstracts (PDF, ~140Kb)


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